CPOSSU at the ATA Convention
Dayton, OH - 13 June 2009

Miller Family
Foil Miller with son Bruce and daughter-in-law Karen.
Receiving Award

Foil Miller accepts award from ATA founder Jerome Husak
Distinguished Topical Philatelist Award
CPOSSU Attendees
Attendees at the CPOSSU meeting -- photo by Doris Soldati
Ronald Hill
Ronald Hill - Silver medal and Medical Subjects award.
Gianluigi Soldati
Gianluigi Soldati - Vermeil medal and AAPE creativity award.

Attendees at the CPOSSU meeting:
Back Row: Kenneth J. Conant III, Frederick C. Skvara, Howard Dewald, Tony Maniscalco, George Griffenhagen, Daniel Rabinovich, Gianluigi Soldati
Front Row: Foil Miller, Tom Hirschinger, John Sharkey, Ronald Hill, Gwen Prout

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