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Greetings, and welcome to the Chemistry and Physics on Stamps Study Unit website. I hope that you have a pleasant visit. We are continuing to develop the content for this site and are very interested in your input. Please feel free to send us suggestions!

I am pleased to announce that David White will be joining officer ranks of CPOSSU and assuming editorship of the journal this fall. David has recently retired and should have lots of time to devote to the unit and get us back on schedule. I have asked Dan to finish the current issue and get it to David Hendricker for publication next week. David White will take over with the next issue after that.

Dan has done a truly outstanding job of raising the bar for what the journal looks like. I think back to the first cut and paste photocopied issue and am amazed at how far we have come. Dan has been instrumental in making that happen and I am forever grateful to him for taking over when Foil stepped down. He will stay with our ranks as ?Editor Emeritus? to help guide David through the transition process. Dan has contributed some great content over the years and I truly hope he will continue to in the years to come. In fact Dan and I may be the youngest members of the unit and I hope we both have many years of involvement left in us. I am forever grateful to how good Dan made my ?US Minerals on Stamps? article look.

Michael Morgan
President, Chemistry and Physics on Stamps Study Unit

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Papers from the Journal

Daniel Rabinovich, Roald Hoffmann: Around the World in Eighty Years from the Winter 2017 issue (2.1 MB file).

Roald Hoffmann, Recent Roald Hoffmann Stamp from Ukraine - from the Winter 2017 issue (2.6 MB file).

Michael Morgan, The Unites States Postal Service Mineral Stamps from the Winter 2014 issue (12 MB file).

Einstein First Day Covers Exhibits by Al Raddi
Scott #1285 Summer 2009 & Scott #1774 Summer 2010

Pierre and Marie Curie Issues of 1938 referred to by Ronald Hill in the Fall 2008 issue.

Tony Maniscalco, Stamps Related to the Metric System - Parts I, II, III Summer 2008, Spring 2009 & 2010

Foil A. Miller Biography at 100
Former Editor is 100 Years Old on 1/18/2016

Foil A. Miller (1916 - 2016)
Former Editor Foil A. Miller Obituary

Duane Zinkel (1934 - 2015)
Past President Duane Zinkel Obituary

CPOSSU at National Meetings
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The Latest Journal

The Latest Journal


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Volume 41 number 1 (Winter 2021)

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